Dr. Rex Hamilton, MD is a board certified, world-renowned eye surgeon who specializes in premium cataract and refractive eye surgery in Los Angeles. Dr. Hamilton spent the first 15 years of his career as the Medical Director of the UCLA Laser Refractive Center. As a Professor of Ophthalmology at the Stein Eye Institute, Dr. Hamilton not onlty cared for thousands of cataract and refractive surgery patients, but he taught hundreds of eye surgeons from around the world how to provide better eye care for their patients. Dr. Hamilton currently practices in Santa Monica at the Hamilton Eye Institute.

If you are curious about laser vision correction at our practice, take a few minutes to view our educational videos or read about the various treatment options we offer. Dr. Hamilton is renowned for providing SMILE eye surgery and LASIK in Los Angeles, pioneering new surgical techniques on the West Coast and advancing both procedures throughout his career.

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LASIK is the most commonly performed laser eye surgery today, and was approved in 1995 by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. It is a wonderful option for individuals who wish to reduce their dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses and improve their overall vision. For both personal and professional reasons, active and social patients in the greater Los Angeles area choose LASIK eye surgery, as it allows them to more freely pursue their hobbies, sports activities or career options.

LASIK is generally safe and is a very successful procedure when patients take the time to educate themselves and diligently search for a skilled and qualified eye surgeon. Advancements in LASIK technology have continued to increase its effectiveness and safety profile. Click on here to learn more about LASIK in Los Angeles.

Rex Hamilton, M.D. is proud to announce the availability of Relex SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) at the Hamilton Eye Institute. This vision correction procedure builds on the already successful LASIK and PRK laser procedures that are commonly practiced in Los Angeles today. Dr. Hamilton was the first eye surgeon to perform SMILE eye surgery on the West Coast and is proud to provide this incredible advancement in vision correction to his patients.

The SMILE procedure allows Dr. Hamilton to correct nearsightedness in his patients by reshaping the cornea, thus correcting visual errors. SMILE eye surgery is just one of the amazing vision correction procedures offered by Rex Hamilton, M.D. in Los Angeles.

About SMILE Eye Surgery

The SMILE Experience

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Cataracts are extremely common among individuals aged sixty and up. In fact, all people will eventually develop cataracts if they live to be old enough. A cataract is a clouding of the crystalline lens of the eye, and the only way to remove cataracts is through cataract surgery. This is one of the safest procedures available in medicine. At our Los Angeles Cataract Center, Dr. Rex Hamilton meets with each patient to review cataract treatment options that best fit their lifestyle needs; he is world-renowned for Premium Cataract Surgery and has helped thousands of patients achieve better vision after their cataracts have been removed.

Cataract surgery with Rex Hamilton, M.D. involves the removal of the clouded lens, which is then replaced with a synthetic intraocular lens (IOL). Depending on a patient’s lifestyle preferences, there are various types of IOLs that can help patients to correct presbyopia or to restore distance, intermediate, and near vision. Learn more about options for Cataract Surgery in Los Angeles by clicking the links below.

Cataract Surgery

Multifocal IOLs

Accommodating IOLs

Toric IOLs

IOL Self-Test

Dry eye

Dry eye disease can have a variety of contributing factors and underlying causes, which are best examined and diagnosed by an experienced eye doctor. With proper diagnosis and analysis, management of dry eye disease can help to make life more comfortable and prevent symptoms like dryness, itchy eyes, redness, burning, and light sensitivity.

Rex Hamilton, M.D. provides ground-breaking treatment options for dry eye, and has helped provide dry eye relief throughout Los Angeles. Dr. Hamilton was one of the first eye surgeons in the Western United States to perform LipiFlow® and continues to provide advanced techniques and treatment options for his dry eye patients in LA. To learn more about LipiFlow Dry Eye treatment, select the link below.


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